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Rogue Monkey:
Sometimes I feel like that Rogue Monkey
Who happens, to live in the trees above my house.
He’s a killer an outlaw
Yes I fear him
Somehow I still feel we have something in common

I had to steer away from the pack
Ousted by the outcasts was how I was made to feel
Sometimes you have to take a stand
Standing alone
But somehow, I still feel I’d like to find another troop of monkeys.
To call my own

I meet every kind of person as I roam
A Khoisan man walking on unlit roads
Sailors out to stormy seas
Telling tells of tragedy

Women way braver than me
Activists activating change
Gangsters waiting for trains
Buskers busking outside bars
Punks and drunks with so many scars

Men and boys who have fought wars
All for someone else’s cause!
Tsotsi’s with hearts of gold
Drug dealers, whose souls have been sold

Yes I’ve met the living dead
They came to see me in my own head
Celebrities I couldn’t care about
People who make me want to scream and shout
Strangers who have shown me love
And loved ones who have shown me hate
Tattooed freaks nicer than you
And also better looking to
Teachers, Healers, Charlatans
Snake Charmers, controlling pythons
Priests who preach
And Police who have locked me up
Luckily my Dad came and made my bail
Otherwise I might still be in jail

Lovers who have broken my heart
Lovers for which I did the same
Sirens in a forest of shame
People possessed by some ungodly presence
Beggars with no arms and legs
Hobos living down the street
Doctors, Politicians, Lawyers and creeps

Soi dogs with nasty barks and bites
Holy Men
With holy hands
Monks living off the land
Security Guards with degrees
C.E.O’s who never went to school
This world can be so fucking cruel

Yes I swear I’ve met them all
No I wouldn’t lie to you
Please believe me it’s all true
Out there in that great blue sea
Marine life in an aquatic zoo

I have no answers for you
Just tales of woe and wanting to
Joy and sorrow it’s all a blur
In the twinkle of her eye
Oh yes darling!
How I’ve cried!

For you and me and everything
That brings us all back to this
Fumbling in this mortal bliss
Gazing at those great big stars
Sometimes I wish I lived on Mars
I’m tired of all these polluting cars
There must be a better way than this
But how else would we all exist?


from "You think your life is so great​?​", released April 20, 2017


all rights reserved



GroundSweep Records Durban, South Africa

A DIY for the love recording label for Matt Vend and a few artists whose music he happened to produce, including some of his old bands like Sibling Rivalry, The Accidentals and The Tubby Wilson's. Many of these releases are also available at We Did This Records. All music up for donation pay what you think is fair. X ... more

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