Lost inside the static

by Matt Vend and the Tender Ten

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I’ve been under self-quarantine Passing the days until A virus arrives to take these blues to another place Stuck at a border in my bedroom Maybe they’ll lock me up Throw away the key This threat comes from across the sea I long to be anywhere but here Deadpan, staring into Unknown waters A deadly influenza Or is this just mass deliria? The situation is out of control They control the air The situation is out of control They control the air Chorus: Hysteria and panic Manic, dramatic Turning people into static Experimentation, isolation Detention, relentless Defenseless against This onslaught of mass information Maybe disinformation? Bridge: Will we ever really know? I pass the time with music As the uncertainty starts to flow All I want to do is go My room, my isolation tank Contemplating staying Contemplating disappearing Reappearing in another world Reappearing in another world So take my hand Make sure you sanitize yours' first! We’ll face the fear together or stay inside until it seems to get better Chorus (END)
You know that I love you But I can’t keep up with all this self-destruction Day drinking Being here Has gotten me thinking All we need is a little hope And, a way out A way out I’ve been stuck on the Highveld Show me your town Even though I might get punched out Waiting out the blackout Don’t light up the Rock pipe And I know You deserve more Then this life Is it worth living? Worth living… Another dark cloud hangs above And all we can do is watch the rain Watch the rain May it wash away the bad dreams, Brings back the good times It’s been so long since I’ve seen you smile All my friends are damaged That’s why I cannot give up on any of them And I am so damaged I’m trying to repair, repair, repair this broken heart All my friends are damaged That’s why I cannot give up on any of them And I’m also so damaged We can’t give up on each other
Across the sea Desert sand I extend my loving hands Will I wait for her? This modern era Such a blur Everyone so transient Transcendence, transcending Do these words have any meaning? I should try to start focusing on believing I’ve gotten used to sleeping all alone My wretched heart travels on a lonely vessel I’ve gotten used to sleeping all alone A choir of dogs is singing down the street Their voices are never in key Will this lover wait for me? I paid for this hellish shelter Nothing for free Hadedas their voices plunder Breaking eardrums Louder then thunder An island at the edge of the city The people who live here Have created Their own eccentric community Take the blow I’ll let you know I’m too slow Counting rows Always late I always get the timing wrong I only wrote the words I didn’t sing the song I long for the comfort in your kiss Fixated on the brevity of the embrace I’m always leaving Never staying And you’re the same as I I could never expect you to wait for me And I wouldn’t do the same for you We both know that there is just way too much to see We could meet out there beyond the stars Contemplating a life that just isn’t ours
Stranded 02:19
I can’t get out of bed Listening to my tinnitus It sounds like Morse code May the coding send me a sign Stuck on this island I can’t get a ride out May a boat come back to take me back To my home I write a melody Tight jaw No prosperity I’ve lost everything to this curse Living off a credit card But I know that it could be so much worse I have a place to sleep And some places to find things to eat But this town is slowly turning into a ghost town I ponder about the plight of the poor And I wish I could help out more But I’m told the only way to help is to stay indoors


5 brand new songs that explore the stripped-down nature of folk/punk and rock 'n roll. I tried something new for this one in the use of samples from random Asian television shows and news broadcasts, yet I think it's definitely a return to my songwriting roots in many ways as all I had was a guitar as the primary instrument.


released May 1, 2020

Matt Vend plays the guitar and sings and produced the record himself in both South Africa and Thailand.




GroundSweep Records Durban, South Africa

A DIY, for the love recording label. Which serves as a platform to archive Matt Vend's creative process. This bandcamp page also includes a few artists whose music he happened to produce. And some of his old bands including Sibling Rivalry, The Accidentals and The Tubby Wilson's. Many of these releases are also available at We Did This Records. All music up for donation. X ... more

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